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It's Time to Bring Your App Idea to Life!

Bringing an app to life takes courage and a dedicated, experienced team of app designers. A great app design has the potential to disrupt marketplaces, be seen as highly innovative and streamline processes.

We are a Sydney based team of app design professionals who love taking app ideas, strategising in a workshop to flesh-out the idea and then begin the design of it.

One of the most reawrding parts of our job is to see an idea literally come to life, one line of code at a time. Once it launches on our clients are set on a path of either new business or have created a valuable digital asset for their existing business.

Here at Hustle Digital Sydney, we specialise in both iPhone apps and android apps and utilise key elements including app design, digital strategy and importantly a customer-focused approach.

"Go from AppIdea to AppStore with our team who's designed hundreds of apps for iPhone & Android"
Our Portfolio Hustle Digital designs websites in Sydney Australia for businesses. Websites designed to solve problems for your customers.

A Selection of our App Designs for iPhone & Android

Our team of app designers in Sydney have published apps to the AppStore & Google Play for Android since 2012. Our app clients are Australian businesses and entrepreneurs from every state in the country. Here's a selection of our favourites.

App Design Tips Hustle Digital designs apps in Sydney Australia for businesses. Websites designed to solve problems for your customers.

Top Tips for iPhone & Android App Design

Great App Design Starts with a Customer-Focused Strategy

It all starts with a strategy, since 2012 Hustle Digital Sydney has applied a customer-focussed approach to app design. To find out the needs of your audience, we conduct a full comprehensive workshop gathering detail about your customers and what you want to achieve with the app. This workshop provides clarity of your business and your customer base.

Detailed analysis of your business is essential in making your app effective and successful in its purpose. Hustle Digital Sydney will make sure the digital strategy of your app becomes a valuable asset to your business by meeting the needs of your customers.

Finding Customers

The way to find new customers is to create something innovative or to develop an app that entices or enhances or improves an exisiting product or service.

Repeat Customers

Keep your customers coming back with an app design that gives them a personal solution or offers them something that they need to repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Push Notifications: Send Customers a Message at No Cost to You!

Send a message to your customers about a special deal, reminder about an upcoming event, a graphic or just handy fun fact. Push notifications are a great way to quickly communicate with your users..

Hustle Digital’s app design team in Sydney produces app designs can drive traffic through your door with Push Notifications. These notifications, sent to iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets cost nothing on a per message basis!


Augmented Reality: Create a unique digital experience in the real-world!

Allows you to interact with your realty via your phone camera with additional virtual objects on your screen in real time. So why is this so interesting?.

Because it allows you to preview your reality without actually changing anything in the real world! Imagine you want to preview the best couch to suit your lounge room, just place the visual image in your camera view and preview which one you like best, or ever heard of Pokemon Go? Games which use your reality as its playground.


Gamification: Using game-like mechanics to make real-world things fun!

People love to play games. It's an interesting part of human behaviour to watch people collecting virtual currency or becoming virtually stronger, but these mechanics work exceptionally well for adding intrigue to an every-day activity..

Great examples of gamification exist everywhere on the AppStore, including our very own Krabooz Carez app. This app uses virtual shellz to reward kids when they successfully complete an activity that cares for their live Hermit Crab.


Geo-Location: Map the world and target your audience!

When people's locations are detected this information can be shared to the app developer and used to specifically target your audience based on where they visited..

For example if they went to a particular football stadium you could send them a voucher for next time if they return, or passing-by a certain suburb could trigger a notification about a special offer


Scanning Codes: Quick Responses to Real-World Questions

This feature allows you to scan a barcode or QR Code, which then details that information into your phone..

Having the ability to scan barcodes really opens up possibilities because huge amounts of information and be organised and categorised from the real world directly into the virtual mobile world. QR codes are also possible which are becoming popular because they hold much more information.


GPS Coupons: Checking Into a Store to Redeem Points

This is connected with the GPS feature but is specifically to do with coupons, when people check in they can accumulate pints and their get vouchers to use..

It is a reward system for checking in at a particular business and therefore advertising that business straight to their friends on social media.


Mobile Commerce: It's eCommerce without the Desktop

Apps are a commerce machine, allowing customers to transact with saved credit cards on their iPhone or Android smartphone..

Audiences are more engaged on smartphone apps as their speedy interfaces allow make it easy to use and therefore faster to purchase. Talk to Hustle about a Mobile Commerce Hustle with your app design


iBeacons: Contextually Aware Notifications

Retailers, it's time to embrace the iBeacon. There's no other technology in the world that can be more effective at close-quarters context notifications. Walking up to a rack of shirts in a retail store could trigger a notification on customer's phones to tell them which items are on sale or are new season..

Hustle Digital can help you capitalise while the customer wants to buy. Notifying them of what's new could also provide recommendations on complimentary products that you have in-store.

So, You have aN app design idea but you’re not sure where to start..

This is where Hustle Digital Sydney comes in, app design and strategy involves many variables but they all lead to two purposes: Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention. In other words finding customers and making sure they repeat business time and time again.