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How do you get your news? How does your customer? Learnings from a mid-twenties' perspective that can help inform your targeting strategies.

James Simonetta

Creative Lead

A couple years ago I got fed up with my “News” Feed. I hate to admit it, but if there’s one thing I agree with old mate Trump on, it’s that traditional & social media outlets have lost their way.

On Facebook, Instagram & co – after 2 hours of falling deeper and deeper into the scroll-hole – maybe, just maybe, you’ll encounter an article of genuine interest. Flick on the TV and in the mornings you’ll encounter Koshie & Co being attacked by roosters or at night tune into 60 Minutes for their latest fear-mongering episode about a rare disease that will definitely not effect you.

So, how does a mid-twenties designer keep up with the latest without TV or social media?


  1. The Hustle. All the latest in business, tech, world politics and general interesting ? – they also chuck in great music recommendations, sweet deals and business opportunities.
  2. CB Insights. Much more business focused, they pump out incredibly rich analytical news stories. Their emails aren’t daily, but I savour every last detail of each one that arrives in my inbox.
  3. Morning Brew. Very similar to The Hustle, the combination of the two gives me a comprehensive update on world news. They’ve also got little brain teasers at the end, which are nice lil’ sparks for your morning cognition (also a better way to distract one’s self on public transport, rather than entering the social media scroll-hole).
  4. Product Hunt. New innovations as they’re launched onto the marketplace, delivered to your inbox. I love keeping touch with new products, because it gives you an indication on how human behaviour, expectations and wants are changing, in different parts of the world.


  1. Death, Sex & Money, How To Be a Man with Bill Withers.
  2. Dribbble Overtime: Building a Global Design Agency with Haraldur Thorleifsson.

Why should you care where I get my news from?

I don’t believe by any means that I’m a typical mid-twenty-something consumer. However, if I’m consuming my media in this way, I am sure there are many like me that are as well. I actually think I am teetering on the border of a mini-trend, which is already in large effect in Europe and the Americas. Who’s your customer? Do you target mid-twenties with your product or service? How can you leverage this insight to target your consumer through a medium that they trust the most?


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