How To Redesign A Bank In 30 Minutes

5 heads, 30 minutes and a whole lotta Hustle are all the ingredients necessary to bring an incumbent brand into the future.

If you follow Hustle at all, you’ll be cluey about our Culture Rituals – “Practices for good times, hard work and innovative outcomes”. In this Monday’s “Mandatory Funtivity” ritual (a fun and short team building morning activity), we challenged ourselves:

“How can we redesign Westpac into a completely online, millennial focused service?”

A difficult task to fit into 30 minutes? Maybe… that’s what makes this all the more impressive…

Introducing we.pac


How we achieved this in 30 minutes

  1. Inspiration. Each member of the team was primed to bring two things to the table: The hexadecimal code to a colour they love (this one was chosen by Holly #ea3a4b Juicy Pomelo) and an accompanying font (this one was chosen by Anthony: Roboto Mono). At the beginning of this Mandatory Funtivity, like all the ones that have gone before it, each team member presented their piece of inspiration. This meant that when the team was faced with the need to create a brand (something they weren’t privy to before the meeting) they had stimulus to build from.
  2. WHO & WHY. Like good design-thinkers, we started off with the crucial questions. WHO are we designing for and WHY would this service be valuable to them? We analysed that a millennial user values the flexibility of their lifestyle more than the rigidity of traditional banking services – this is where our meaning definition was born “We believe that your lifestyle should be supported by a flexible and easy to use banking provider.” This powerful meaning statement was to be the anchor for our design:
    • We removed the “st” from Westpac, separating the we from pac, making it feel inclusive.
    • We filled the gap with a chamber of resources, which flows fluidly from more to less full, signifying the importance of fluid finance to a flexible lifestyle.
    • We coined the simple and concise tagline “Lifestyle Banking”.
  3. Diverse Perspectives & Skills. Our team is filled with a rich mix of heterogeneous backgrounds and skillsets. Working together meant we could work quickly without missing detail. Designers were sketching as strategists rationalised. Developers gave technical insights that resulted in an innovative set of functionality:
    • Open an account over video call
    • A credit and debit card for everyday use.
    • Free withdrawal from any ATM.
    • Immediate and free transfer between friends also on We.pac
    • Afterpay forecasting tool
    • Westpac powered saving account for high returns
    • No bank fees.



  1. Meaning is an anchor for design. Our first goal was to define a meaning. WHO were we designing for and WHY is it valuable to them? Defining this early on makes the rest of the process a breeze… read more about it here.
  2. Hustle makes cool stuff… with Hustle. The proof is in the pudding – contact us so we can create something cool together.
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