Inspire Me. A good example tells a story.

Ever had a great idea but been unable to communicate it?

Whether you’re a designer, salesperson, builder or hairdresser, I am sure you’ve encountered this problem. You’re so sure that you’ve got the solution, but no matter what words you say you’re unable to convince your client that the solution you have in your mind is right for them.

Until that moment. The crystallising instance in which you show them that one thing, that evocative example, which makes them go “YES”.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good example tells a story.

The word we use to describe this “good example” here at Hustle is Inspiration.

It’s a big part of Hustle’s culture to constantly inspire one another, whether it’s inside the office or out. To facilitate this we use a Slack channel, aptly named “#inspire-me” where we share on the reg websites, apps, videos, articles, illustrations and anything else in the moment that we were inspired by it.

Here are some of the most effective ways we use our #inspire-me stimulus:

  1. A lowest fidelity prototype. To give an idea to our clients of what their website, app or video will look and feel like we show them an example with similar functionality/features.
  2. A sales tool.¬†When quoting clients we use evocative examples that are in aligned sectors. This give them a tangible product that helps them understand the figure we’ve quoted.
  3. Design Stimulus. Before getting started or when we hit a barrier, we trawl our stimulus to unlock a fresh perspective, which guides us forward in design.
  4. Trend Forecasting. Inspiring products and services are usually inspiring because they are ground breaking. Our Slack channel is a collation of trend-setting ventures that help us understand where industries are moving and what tech we need to study.

Some recent gems from #inspire-me

Websites & Apps



Illustrations & Photos


Inspired? Let’s make something great together.

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