Keep up, start moving.

It’s not a new conversation – today our attention spans are at their shortest. A study by Microsoft revealed our average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds, down to 8. That is a shorter than a fish, who has an average attention span of 9 seconds! 

So how do you stand out in a digital age of decreasing concentration and content overload?

Well one thing you may have heard of is the 3-5 second rule. The idea here is that you need to capture your audience’s attention within the first 3-5 seconds in order to keep them engaged and interacting with your brand. 

That’s all great in theory, but how can we actually make an engaging and memorable impact in such a short period of time?

Without further ado… I would like to introduce the saviour of the day – ANIMATED LOGOS! *claps* *so many claps* 

This year has revealed a marketing trend towards animated logos. As this new benchmark in branding evolves, there is a real opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and set yourself above your competitors.

Your logo is at the core of your company’s branding. It needs to be represent who you are, be engaging, relevant and above all else, memorable.

This is where animated logos come in.


Ever heard the expression ‘a picture tells a thousand words’? Well lets just say bringing that picture to life tells a whole world. By animating your logo you are literally breathing life into your brand and presenting your audience with a more rounded vision of who you are. This creates deepened engagement and emotional connection with the brand, giving you a unique competitive edge.


Just as videography promotes further reach than photography, an animated logo is going to be more engaging than a static logo. This means that you have a greater chance of catching your audience’s attention in that first 3-5 seconds and to keep them watching.


It is important that your brand has it’s finger on the pulse to remain relevant and to be seen as informed and professional. As this is the way identity design is headed, there is an opportunity to be a leader in your industry and get in before your competitors.


An animated logo creates a more memorable experience for your viewer. Fact. This experience means they are more likely to keep you in their minds and to be aware of your business in future.


Here at Hustle we value innovation. It is important that we are at the forefront of digital and design so that we can help our clients to reach their full potential. Everyday we are developing brands, from workshop to strategy to design. We believe that animated logos are an important element of a brand’s identity and are helping our clients to bring their logos to life everyday.

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