Why branding is so much more than a logo

Having a well branded company is a very powerful (and commonly underestimated) tool. Not only does it create a memorable experience and leave a lasting impression on your customers, it also helps to communicate what your clients should expect from your company – how you behave, what you value, what your company’s unique edge is. It helps your customers to create a relationship with your brand and can influence their decision to choose your company over one of your competitors. 

In my own experience, I know that I will choose to download one app over another with exactly the same functionality because of it’s branding. If it has been branded well it will be consistent, clear and engaging, helping me to feel confident to navigate and understand it.

However, often when it comes to branding I think the bigger picture can be overlooked. A brand is not just a logo. Nor is it just a logo and font, or logo, font and some colours. It is a whole world, built on the way your company looks, talks, feels, walks, sings and dances. It tells a story of who you are and should be consistent across every aspect of your business. This consistency creates trust, grandeur and memorability.

How hustle can help

At Hustle, we begin a branding project with a workshop where we define what your company values, believes, how it behaves, talks and looks. We then work as a team, bringing together each unique area of our expertise to ensure your branding is carried across all aspects of your business – from aesthetic, to language, to function and purpose. We don’t look at branding as just a logo, we see the bigger picture and we make sure that your branding is implemented across it’s entirety. We aim to create clarity and consistency for your customers, strengthening your credibility in the marketplace and ultimately encourage thriving business.

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