Working outside the box

We have a cute little work culture here at Hustle and one of the things we do weekly is a ‘Funtivity’. This week we each presented a product or service that we found useful, inspiring or has stuck with us in some way. Holly, our social media and design powerhouse, presented Gucci’s SS 18 website and full transparency – I am obsessed with it. 

Like most I’m visiting new sites everyday, but it is rare that you come across one that really sticks with you (and has you writing a whole blog post about it…).

The reason is this – it’s doing something truly new and properly innovative. We are raised on the ideology of ‘be unique’ and ‘think outside the box’, but do we actually understand those phrases on a deeper level? Or, do we just use them but don’t really understand them and more to the point, don’t really, deeply understand how to action them. 

I like this site because it is a great example of pushing the boundaries. It raises the bar on innovation and sets a benchmark of continued seeking outside the box.


This is the stuff we live for here. We are always finding ways to push the boundaries and think fresh. We are full steam ahead on true innovation, so join us if you’re game.


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