An expensive yarn… say “hello, how much” to conversational commerce.

Innovation of the day

This morning while doing my morning – ok you got me, weekly – newsletter catch-up (check out my newsletter digest here) I came across an innovation that’s a real sign of the times.

Say “Hello, how much?” to conversational commerce platform Threads

Threads is a London-based service which sells high-end fashion to exec millennials exclusively through messaging services with stylists who aggregate and serve up product recommendations to customers in a direct message thread.

Usually, I’d have hyperlinked Threads so you could click through to their website… but apparently tech startups these days are so hip they don’t even have websites anymore.

To be fair, I dig that they don’t have a website because it’s aligned to their value proposition and mindful of the trends in which they’re leveraging.

What are the trends they’ve hedged their bets on I hear you screaming?!?!

  • We are becoming so time poor that we don’t even have time to online shop. It’s a pretty good bet. Because whether we’re actually busy or just feigning business while watching Netflix at home, it’s a sure thing that every Millennial love feel important.

rush rush rush

  • We’re more likely to make quick decisions on curated product offerings. Algorithms have started getting real good. So good that I feel like i’ve got a really personal connection with Spotify’s Discover Weekly. Threads is smart – they’re leveraging this growing trust by serving curated products through digital “Stylists” who chat directly with customers.

Why I find Threads particularly interesting?

I’m super self-indulgent. So when I find things that back up topics i’ve already written about I get a ‘lil giddy.

A couple weeks back I wrote about how we are losing faith in traditional media outlets (same link as newsletter digest).

My mic-drop line for that post was “as our distrust for social and traditional media grows, where will that trust be funnelled? Where’s your target customer’s next trusted space, and how are you going to get your messaging there?”

Slowly, slowly, new answers to that question are appearing.
Threads and their average basket size of $3000 proves just how effective it can be to be a first mover in a trusted marketing channel.
So this week i’ll sign off similarly to how I did a few weeks ago….

Engage Hustle so that we can figure out which trusted space you could leverage to reach new customers.

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