From Flip to Tiny to Plus to Foldable… SMARTPHONE is evolving!!

What?!?! SMARTPHONE is evolving!! (Pokemon reference here)

Samsung yesterday revealed their new foldable display

The team’s opinion here is unanimous and can be summarised in one hyphenated word: Game-changing.

Why? Device innovations since the smartphone have been nothing but incremental.

We’ve gotten bigger, faster and thinner but until now the smartphone has been limited by it’s four edges.

What this radical innovation represents is a plethora of new possibilities for the device we carry in our pocket.

This foldable technology is just the beginning of what will become a new surface of interaction.

Food for thought

  • How can we design to leverage new interactions like bend, stretch and contract?
  • How will foldable displays change human behaviour? (our first thoughts go to nomadic living)
  • How far are we from Microsoft’s Future Vision:



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