How can your product make a lasting impression? Augmented reality’s here to help!

Banished to Australia, spared the hangman’s noose.

19 Crimes, a Red Wine Producer from South Australia has brought to life the story of 19 convicts using Augmented Reality on their wine labels.

Augment, verb
to make (something) greater by adding to it.

Augmented Reality is just that: reality, with a little extra. Its use in apps as an extension to the normal function of your camera is now used by consumer products more regularly and purposefully in 2018 although early uses being available for years.

The example of 19 Crimes is the first time I’ve seen an AR application that’s so well branded, produced and engaging that I had to share it.

If you haven’t watched the video; go now. You’ll see why I’m so impressed.

The outcome of an innovation like this is a lasting impression through storytelling. It connects with you on an emotive level, due to the short, nicely voice-acted video content. It’s simplistic in design; allowing the VR to shine. The technology is well-built as it takes seconds to download and install.

How can we help?

Implementations of AR aren’t generally very useful or well thought out. It’s what tends to happen when technologies come out and brands try to use them without really grasping how they could be used to provide a unique experience for customers without compromising on how well it fits with the product.

AR should feel purposeful and easy. Achieving this level of fit with your product requires strategic thought and a design-led approach.

We’re a design-led agency. Everything we do is guided by the way we look at customer-centric design.

People like to read wine labels… Why don’t brands use AR to bring them to life?

Oops, 19 Crimes already did; we can help devise a unique AR strategy that feels as sophisticated as theirs.

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