The Secret to Crispy Bacon is to Learn from Your Customers

As it turns out, crispy bacon isn’t as easy as everyone might have thought.

Be prepared, or better yet become an expert in the number of variables that contribute to the process of cooking perfectly crispy bacon. That’s what the team from the June oven did to make sure that their innovative cooking appliance would produce crispy results every time.

What’s the June Oven?

It’s a story of innovation, driven by the founders who wanted to break the status-quo of the cooking appliance market. They found that no existing product met the needs of customers who needed stress free cooking.

If you’ve been paying attention to my blogs, I am a big fan of the MVP: Minimum Viable Product. It’s an approach to innovation that’s unapologetic in the way it forces you to focus on the features of your product that matter most. For a disciplined innovator, the MVP approach ensures you can get to market faster with a product that intends to solve one core problem while listening and learning from its early adopters.

The June Oven is an excellent example of how to execute the MVP to maximum effect.

Why is the June Oven a Great MVP Case Study?

This video showcases the June Oven 2. You guessed it: version 2 is not the MVP that they launched. Instead, it’s the new and improved version of the MVP which has a raft of new features baked in, inspired by the learnings uncovered by users of the June Oven 1.

I am impressed by their team’s approach to learning from users as they were graceful in their implementation. They respected the privacy of their users; asking for permission to record what their customers made when they made it and recorded pictures of the products throughout cooking.

They matched this with complaints about not getting the bacon right everytime.

The insight they uncovered was that bacon is tough to get crispy time and time again. So they tweaked their product to capture the complexity of this use case and since, have reduced their complaints to nil.

Are you thinking of starting a new project?

Look no further than the MVP. Here’s a short article on how to get started with an MVP. However, before you read it, take a moment to consider: what basic human need does my new project seek to solve? Hone in on this idea, let it be your guiding light and focus on how you can most directly and cost-effectively deliver your project without trying to do it all, and sadly not doing any of it right!

How can Hustle Help?

Hustle is a digital design consultancy filled with the energy and drive to be your partner in innovation. Talk to us about a workshop and let’s bring your project to life.

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