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A custom digital shop to mimic the delightful market experience of Beeswax Wraps Australia

From concept through to reality. We worked with Josh and Angie from Beeswax Wraps Australia after our creative lead James met them at a local market. Their product is top quality and their market experience was too. After chatting we defined our objective: to design a website that mirrored their in-market experience.

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When you walk into their market stand you’re greeted by smiling faces and an abundance of unique designs. You’re guided through the process of creating packs that suite your everyday needs. You flick through patterns like vinyl records until you find the ones you like. Beeswax Wraps Australia has many patterns that they like to rotate frequently. We were faced with a challenge… How could we create a smooth custom checkout that allowed users to easily sift through patterns much like the market experience?

What you’ve just seen above is the process for adding a single wrap to cart. The experience is smooth, super simple to use and it runs extremely fast. Just like in their market experience, it’s broken down into 2 simple steps:

  1. Choose a size There are 4 wrap sizes, all with different uses. To help customers understand what size is best for what products we shot the wraps applied to a relevant product.
  2. Choose a print Beeswax Wraps has a huge selection of prints. In order to help users quickly choose a print of their liking we made it possible for them to seamlessly swipe through and select prints, previewing them on the product in view (more on this later).

This was the ultimate goal of the website, their best seller, “Build a value pack”. We embedded the above design concept for choosing prints in a modal popover, which encapsulated the full range of wraps that were included in the pack. Users can effortlessly select a print for each size, add the bundle to their cart and claim $11 discount ^-^

Green screened by the metre wrap

One of our biggest hurdles, when we came up with this concept with the team at BWW, was the requirement to be able to achieve the desired outcome with an ever-growing and changing set of prints. Our solution to this was one that we think is genius. We shot each print just once… with a green wrap. In editing, we removed the colour but kept the texture and shadows meaning we were able to pop in and out different print patterns.

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Last but not least, we did a custom mobile design. Most users are on mobile these days so it’s important to design a custom experience for smaller devices. The outcome was just as intuitive and good-looking as the desktop version. Now enough chatting and go to their website and try it out for yourself 😉

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Check out Josh’s (Founder of Beeswax Wraps Australia) review… and many other happy customers at the link below.

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