Keep your private information, private.

A clean design and experience for new-to-the-world privacy app, LANTIS

This cool new app has just launched on the App Store. It’s been designed to help professionals keep sensitive information private. We worked with the client to take the app from inception, into development and now, all the way through to launch.

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Key to our privacy on the internet is all of our forms of communication. That’s why LANTIS has the following messaging functionality:

  • Encrypted Direct Messaging: App subscribers can message directly with an adjustable expiry time and end-to-end encryption.
  • Secret SMS: Users can send SMS messages to people without the app through a web server – the message is untraceable back to the user.
  • Audio & Video calls: App users can call one another over an encrypted line with their call history not saving in their phones

We also built some cool features that really makes LANTIS a one-stop-shop for keeping your data private:

  • Vault: Users can store any media in the app vault, which has an extra layer of security authentication
  • Tracker: Users can add contacts from their phone to the tracker. The app will prompt the user to clean out their phone’s call and message log to make sure there’s no unprotected conversations on their phone