siegel adhesives

Bond for life

Clean, crisp and concise website to make new customers stick to Australia’s market-leader in adhesive technologies.

The brief from Siegel Adhesives was simple and bold… just how we like it. They wanted their business to project a big image on the web, to match their on-the-ground presence. To get there we guided them through a process that navigated content creation, communication messages, branding, design and development. We think the result speaks for itself.

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A set of custom transitions, animation, photography and videography have been used for the home page design. When it all comes together it’s a super smooth and succinct communication of who Siegel Adhesives is.

We utilised a set of scrolling transitions to bring the website to life. The first video you’re looking at is an example of On Scroll Transitions that changes a variable of the element as the user scrolls. The second is an example of how we can change the action of an element at the end of scrolling transition – from graphic element to button.

We used a set of custom transitions and animations to add a layer of polish and pop. Bringing in elements as they come into view for the user makes the website feel alive and personalised.

Lastly, but absolutely not least, we shot a series of custom content for Siegel Adhesives. In fact, we did this first after we had created a plan for the website. It’s important to have custom content that visually communicates what we’re saying in our communication messages. This video we shot at Coopers (one of Siegel’s customers) shows just how important a role Siegel plays in their customers’ businesses.

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Check out Charles’ (Founder of Siegel Adhesives) review… and many other happy customers at the link below.

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