watermelon parking

Refreshingly simple car park management

A refreshingly simple website and marketing campaign for the future of car park management systems

Watermelon Parking is bringing disruptive innovation to the car park management industry. To help their launch we created a new website to support our lead-generation marketing campaign.

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Watermelon’s old website tried too hard. The website was too light on content and the content they had was poorly communicated and hard to navigate! That’s why we defined 3 key objectives that guided our design and development of the new website:

  1. Redefined information architecture, making it easy to navigate
  2. Simplified communication messages
  3. Increased content index

In parallel with the production of the website we worked on an SEO campaign and an email marketing campaign using LinkedIn sales navigator and Nutshell for email automation. The strategy generates high-quality leads to the leadership team on a weekly basis.

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