#AWAPAC: Content Marketing Debate – Quality vs Quantity

It’s almost as controversial as the age-old debate of whether Vegemite should be kept in the fridge or the pantry…

Quality VS Quantity

For the last talk of the first day at Advertising Week, we joined panelists Sérgio Brodsky, Gemma Hunter, Michael Stanford and Jelena Li to discuss the best tactics when it comes to social media marketing, and how to capture and maintain an audience’s attention.

What is content?

Content can truly be anything – as long as a brands message, DNA or story is within it. Whilst the lines of content and advertising do cross over one another sometimes, it’s important to remember that advertising is about disrupting and content is about building an audience. The role of content is not to interrupt or take away from the journey that your audience is on, but instead should complement the platform they are on.

I want to disrupt, but not disturb…

  1. Start with what is already out there – Research and observe what your audience is already seeing, then ask yourself the question, ‘What can I bring to the table?’
  2. Build with the platform in mind – Posting content built specifically for the intended platform will give it the best opportunity to shine. For example, be conversational on Facebook or share strong images on Instagram. In addition to this, thinking creatively should be fuelled, but not overpowered by data and insights.
  3. Create connective tissue – The style and strength of your content must connect with the other touchpoints of your business. To put this into context, a really beautiful ad for an online clothing store might perform really well on Facebook, but once customers click and see a poorly built website, they will be immediately discouraged to purchase.

It’s all about emotion!

Evoking emotions often helps you reach engagement, because emotions drive action. Consumers should watch something, be engaged, then take action or feel differently about that brand.  Understanding why people react to things, why people react the way they do and why people respond on certain platforms more than others will benefit any brands content strategy.

So what’s the answer?

There really is none! Content marketing is about finding the right quantity of quality content for your brand. Low quality work will likely do more damage than good, so sometimes it pays to invest in truly high-quality content. That’s where Hustle Digital can help you!

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