Bang for Buck Advertising: Sunfield Bakery Case Study – Facebook & Instagram Marketing

There’s no other channel of advertising as effective as social media on a dollar for dollar basis.


How do we know? Well…

Every month, as a part of our Social Media Marketing & Advertising service, we spend time analysing the results of the content we create and distribute on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. Today, I reviewed the results of our work on Sunfield Bakery and the results incited this post.

Who’s Sunfield Bakery?

Sunfield is a wonderful family business, wholesale bakery based in Homebush, Sydney. Supplying Australia’s IGA and Harris Farm every day with little moments of joy in the form of muffins, cakes, breads and biscuits.

What do we do?

We have the pleasure of creating, from scratch, content for Sunfield to promote their tasty products. The goal is brand awareness. Ultimately, we intend to achieve brand salience, meaning that when a consumer goes in-store, they respond directly to the Sunfield brand.

Our strategy is to do this with short, engaging content. So far, we’re achieved great engagement results by keeping the content short and sweet (pardon the pun).

Bang for Buck

In the process of reviewing this month’s results, Sunfield’s advertising on Facebook & Instagram, with our short-and-sweet content has produced a cost per engagement value of $0.04.

Seriously. 4 cents, per engagement. I think we need to let that one sink in. Take a look at some of these stats.

What do these stats mean?

These stats simply measure actions on Social Media:

  1. Post Engagement is the collective number of times that people clicked on a link, opened an image, watched a video or did something other than scroll past our content.
  2. Impressions is the collective number of times the content was seen.
  3. Frequency is the number of times each person interacted the content (on average).
  4. 3-second video views is the number of times people watched the video for at least 3 seconds. 3 seconds indicates that the user genuinely intended to watch the content.


The data indicates that the content is engaging. This is great as it means that we’re meeting our target to increase brand awareness. However, the biggest take away is that if you’re not advertising on social media you’re missing out.

There’s no better medium to market your brand than on Social when you consider how cheap the cost of engagement is.

Engagement means attention and if you have your customer’s attention then you’ve won.

The cherry on-top: with social media, attention is underpriced.

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