Enhance your brand using Emojis

They have become so ingrained in our everyday lives that it’s hard to remember a time that Emojis didn’t exist. What’s interesting about Emojis is that they can make or break your social media marketing campaign. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way to make sure I unlock their true potential.

1. Emojis can personify your brand, and strengthen your brand’s tone of voice. If your brand projects a youthful and trendy tone of voice, emojis can be used to strengthen that. In turn, this will allow your brand to present much more relevant and relatable.

2. Emojis are great because they are able to break down language barriers, and using them will also allow you to connect with your audience emotionally. In saying this though, it is important to use emojis that are relevant to what you are posting, and avoid using Emojis that could potentially have multiple meanings. Sometimes an 🍆 is not really an eggplant…

3. Sometimes less is more – and in this case, it is certainly true. Emojis should be used as the cherry on top of an already awesome post, and if you use too many it can completely detract from the message you are trying to put out.

Check out some of the posts we have done for our own clients, and how we have used Emojis to help strengthen their brand and content. Notice that some of the comments have used Emojis as well – That’s how we know that we’re talking their language!


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