The Game has Changed: Advertise on Social Media


I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the Facebook & Instagram as a great Bang for Buck Advertising Platform but I think I might have missed a step for many business owners in Australia. We’ve all come to know Facebook & Instagram as the free tools that we can use to  tell our followers about our latest special offer. But, as I am sure you’re all now noticing when you post your content you’re not really getting the reach you used to.. The landscape has now changed. It’s time for businesses to understand that Ads on social media are the game, and content the variable for success.

The Problem

When you’re given something for free, its very hard to come to terms paying for it. Facebook broke this status-quo back in 2012 when they launched the paid ad product. Back then, they were battling with the balance between being cool, free and with no monetisation. The launch of this ad product catapulted them to profitability, however, it’s not until now that its become the most powerful ad tool known to man.

The history of Facebook’s free posts for businesses means that many people who’ve been in business long before the ad product launched, they still see Facebook and Social Media as a free service that they don’t really understand how to use or more importantly, how to use to their great advantage.

Australia, it’s time to rethink the landscape. It’s no longer only about what you can get for free.

Quick Note: CPM

Advertising is all about CPM. CPM indicates the cost per million of impressions on your ad, where an impression is when the content is shown to someone. Facebook & Instagram as an ad product have a seriously underpriced CPM right now.

Why are Ads Now So Important?

Facebook & Instagram live and die on attention. Your attention. The longer you spend in their platform, the more money you’re worth to them because the more ads you’ll consume. Considering this, Facebook wants to serve you the most interesting content possible so you spend more time in the app.

This means that when you use bad content… Especially content that wasn’t formatted for Facebook & Instagram (Yes, I am calling you out on all of those posts you ripped out of a PDF and uploaded) you’re very unlikely to get into people’s news feeds and therefore not going to get the number of impressions you want.

Rethinking Facebook & Instagram as an Advertising Platform

My challenge to you in this article is to rethink the whole paradigm. Think about Facebook & Instagram as an ad platform and therefore consider the content you post on it as an ad. Consider that ads are:

  1. Very well planned;
  2. Contain great content that is funny, beautiful or unique but ultimately memorable;
  3. Targeted to an intended audience;
  4. Delivered with a budget.

Therefore, if we now know that Facebook and Instagram is an accessible platform for businesses to advertise to a targeted audience with budgets ranging from big to small then its imperative that you ensure your content fits the part.

Here’s an example of an Ad we’ve created for our brand that fits the above brief and will now be delivered on Instagram as a story ad.

How can Hustle help?

We’re a team of digital professionals. We love turning code & content into clicks, clicks into enquiries and enquiries into sales. It’s how we make digital easy.

With our approach to making great content, we’ll deliver ads on social media so you can see start to see a direct bang for buck.

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