Hacks to style photos for social media like a boss

Ola! Newbie at Hustle here. I have received a very warm welcome from the team and have been having a fantastic time getting down and dirty creating some great new content for our clients this week.

I wanted to share some easy styling hacks I have learnt over the years, to make your photos look even better and make your content reach even further.

Without further ado, here are some bite-sized tips that pack their punch so you can style like a boss and lift your content to the next level!

  1. Overhead shots almost always work for food styling.
  2. Accessorise the frame with different textures, but make sure they are relevant to what you are shooting!
  3. ‘Don’t set up the scene too much’. Well actually do. But you want to create a look that feels effortless and unintentional.
  4. Styling in neutrals almost always works. Try and keep the colours simple and light. Creams, light browns, natural hues, greys and blacks. Then you have space to include a pop of colour that will contrast really nicely (and easily, without getting too busy!)
  5. When editing your photographs, if your image feels too busy or isn’t working, try making it grey scale. This usually takes the chaos out of an image and leaves you with the beauty of it.

There you have it! Go forth and style like a boss!

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