Ideas cooked. Content served!

We have seen the influence of great content and how it can drive traffic to your business, but it’s not always clear why that content is so great or makes the impact that it does.

Here are a few things to consider to make the most out of your content and to get your creative juices flowing.

Original content is much more fascinating to your audience than stock imagery or inspirational quotes. Consider why your audience might want to visit your Facebook or Instagram page. Maybe they want to know more about what products you have on offer, or they want to see some of the past projects your company have completed. Keeping content current and relevant is paramount. 

Consider this – 

WHO – Who are the people that make your business what it is? It’s always interesting to see the individuals behind a brand, it makes us feel more connected to the heart and soul of a company.

WHAT – What does your business do? What differentiates it? Simple, informative posts are always a winner. 

WHEN – How can you be topical? Are there any relevant events coming up you can create a promotion for or speak to directly?

WHY – What does your business value? Sharing any ethical interests of your business can really get your audience invested on a deeper, more emotional level and keep them coming back for more.

I really hope this helps in getting some great ideas cooking and fantastic content served!

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