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Since launching in 2010, Instagram has transitioned from being a photo sharing platform to being completely dominated by video content. This past week, Instagram celebrated hitting 1 billion monthly users by launching IGTV, a new solution that allows users to posts videos up an hour long. Creators, big or small, will be able to upload full-screen vertical videos purpose-built to be watched on mobile, flipping the world of social media on its side (literally). IGTV can be accessed via the Instagram app, or through a dedicated IGTV app.

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How can I use IGTV to benefit my business?

When watching videos, people rarely flip their phone around to take advantage of the full-screen experience. The reality is is that users hold their phone vertically with one hand when watching videos, rather than watching it landscape with two hands. In fact, 72% of millennials do this, thus leaving a whole lot of screen real-estate not being utilized. This is where IGTV comes in – IGTV provides creators with the opportunity to use this space to their advantage. Users eyes will be able to follow what is on screen and focus on the frame much easier. A great example of how the vertical format will benefit businesses is when a person is in the frame. With horizontal videos, viewers could only see the subject’s head and shoulders. Now suddenly viewers can see the subject’s torso and hands, enabling body language to create an emotional connection.

At Hustle Digital, we talk about it all the time – Authentic social media is the ultimate endorsement for your business. IGTV is an amazing opportunity to put this into practice. Posting team-building, progress, funny, making of or behind the scenes perspectives can give customers a deeper insight into your business and humanizes your brand. You can’t outsource this content, so use it as a way to flaunt your culture, values, and spirit. For example, a hairdresser might post a final image of a colour and cut they did on a client onto their Instagram. They would then post a video onto IGTV, exploring what the client wanted going into their appointment, the process and steps used by the hairdresser, and finally, what the client thinks of their hair before walking out of the salon. In turn, this will create a frictionless relationship between their Instagram and IGTV account and only allow their social media presence to strengthen.

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