Culture for Good Times, Hard Work and Innovative Outcomes

This week we had a couple fresh faces join Hustle – Holly & Sasha pictured above.

Along with welcoming them to the team, we also welcomed our revised Culture Bible (which you can view here).

Our goal with this initiative is highlighted by it’s tagline “Rituals for good times, hard work and innovative outcomes” – it’s our hope and belief that these cultural practices will help our team to keep fresh, stay passionate, enjoy their work and in turn, do great work.

We’re not the first firm taking these steps to creating forward-thinking internal culture… so the question arises…

Why internal culture & why now?

Digital. It’s making your internal culture become a fundamental part of your brand. How?

  • Radical transparency. A single bad experience can spread like wildfire, taking down even the most sturdy of incumbents – remember this United Airways saga that resulted in a $1.4 billion drop in stock price?
  • Risen job seeker expectations. Whether searching on services like Glass Door or even social media, job seekers are able to see directly into what it’s like to work at any corporation. Companies not in the culture game are missing out. With the culture tagline “Freedom & Responsibility” it’s no surprise that Netflix has become the most desirable workplace in the world.

Easy wins for internal culture

While it’s important, internal culture is often left behind. I get it. It can be expensive (time & money) and the return on your investment is often hard to measure.

So, here’s a few easy wins that you can start tomorrow which will set you up for a culture that will both look & feel good.

  1. Be Explicit. Since Hustle started out a few years ago, our CEO Anthony encouraged positive cultural practices. Like folk lore, we expected those practices to pass down through the team as it morphed and grew. What we found, however, was that they didn’t. Rather, they were dampened, misconstrued and eventually forgotten. That is, until we formalised them.Write down the things that make your internal culture YOURS. It’ll give your team a guide to go by. I am sure that you’re already implicitly affording positive cultural practices in your workplace… so, start talking about it!
  2. Be Consistent. Schedule your cultural practices into a weekly routine. Make these practices become a ritual. Rituals can be short and inexpensive: a 10 minute coffee break on a Monday or a 5pm drink on a Friday. Make them become second nature – they’ll feel genuine and their benefits will shine through.

How Hustle can help

  1. Branded Content. Talk to us about developing branded content that will help permeate your internal culture. Get your very own culture bible or on-boarding packages. Our branding, graphics, photography & videography team will create personal content that will resonate with your whole team.
  2. Strategy Workshop. Let’s strategise together about what practices you can undertake that will create real valuable results for your organisation. Our strategy and design team will uncover employee drivers that will engage your team to work harder, better and happier.


A parting quote

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince:

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

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