Win new business with great storytelling

What are you like at telling stories?

It’s in our nature to tell stories as a way to inform others of our events in our lives, and as a species we have been doing this for the past 30,000 years.

Back then it was done as cave drawings and paintings and then later as hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt that reflected a universal language by which all could understand and appreciate the stories told with a stick, in mud or in clay. As as we developed the art of speaking, stories were told and passed down through the generations by word of mouth, in songs, chants, prayers, or in plays.

So what does this have to do with business you may ask?

Everything !!

People love a good story:

People love hearing stories particularly ones that look and sound real, are told with some authenticity, creativity, passion, and that they can relate to. When prospective customers hear your business story around what you offer, your authentic way of offering it, what you stand for and believe in, then deep down on a subconscious level this resonates with them. Suddenly they buy in and your info sticks in their minds so that they can recall it at a later time.

Now wait for it, here is the amazing part, even more importantly these people go on and retell your story to others becoming walking and talking advertising evangelists for your business!

Nowadays technology has changed the ways we tell stories and very importantly for business, how other people retell a story be it online, using social media,  graphics, video, podcasts and more, easily being able to replicate, repost, and share your story or content.

This new word of mouth, reaching millions of people rather than hundreds presents business owners with an enormous opportunity to promote what they do and generate extra business.

And yet so many don’t see it?

Nobody is telling their story right:

In my day to day meetings with business owners across the country, it amazes me how badly business of all sizes are at telling their story.

A recent example was a meeting I had with a with a prospective client who came to see me wanting some help in finding new customers to generate revenue for his cleaning business. I immediately discovered that he was not telling anybody anything about his business except for me. He had no business card to give me, no social media pages, no website, not even a business email or logo. When I asked him why he replied that he always only ever relied on word of mouth, and so how’s that’s working for you I asked?

Not so well..

So I asked him to tell me about his business, to understand what his value proposition was and more, and then BAM, suddenly he went into storytelling mode, his body language changed, he sounded proud, resolute, honest, and explained things beautifully, after-all he lived his business every single day for the past 10 years.

I was in, I was sold, and even asked myself  as he was talking if the cleaner that I currently use was locked in? He told a great story but it only existed in his head and unless his target customers could read minds, they would never know about his business !

What he needed to do was tell his story using a combination of images, text, and some short video, on a website, and social media pages where his audience hung out, talking about his passion, his 10 years as an owner, his aspirations, and what drives him everyday. He also needed to show how he walked around after hours making sure everything was spotless, the quality of the products he used, satisfied customers willing to share their own version of his story that offered proof about his business.

And, he needed to make sure that he used the places or new channels where his target audience or tribe hung out at.

Are you telling your story?

What story are you telling people about your business? Is your website a true reflection of your value proposition and does it explain what your brand stands for and believes in?

Are your social media posts showing small snippets of your days activities, your employees, your customers, enjoying what you do and how you do it your own unique way?

If you are not telling your story well or consistently, it’s time to get on board and make some changes. Speak to a digital media firm that are themselves great storytellers, and that will define a strategic plan for your business.

They also need to offer you some content creation services, a few short videos and images to use on web and on social media, that will illustrate and show your target customers your story. 

Make it short, simple, fun, and real.

You will be truly surprised where it will takes your business.

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