Social Purpose Done Right: “Paving for Pizza”

Just last week Hustle’s very own Happy Holly wrote an article on our insights from the Vivid Event we attended “Keeping it Real in the age of Curated Perfection”. Her takeaways were powerful insights for brands:

  1. Authentic campaigns result in long-term gains.
  2. Business opportunities should intersect with a higher social purpose.

No longer than a day after this was posted did we find an absolute pearler of an example that demonstrates exactly how to leverage Holly’s insights: Domino’s Paving for Pizza

What I Love About This Campaign

  • “Where business opportunities intersect with a higher social purpose”. They’ve nailed this. Domino’s are doing social good that is completely aligned with their value proposition. It’s a campaign that makes sense for their business – which is a beautiful thing.
  • Simple & Effective Content. Despite being Domino’s a multinational wealthy company, they opt for simple content. The interactive header video is cute in it’s implementation and simple in it’s execution. It demonstrates how with the right vision just how effective you can be even on a small budget.
  • Remaining Goal Focused. At the end of the day, what’s the point to this campaign, and one’s like it? Put simply: to sell more (pizza). Dominos doesn’t lose sight of this undeniable truth by including a simple call to action: “IS ALL THIS TALK OF PIZZA MAKING YOU HUNGRY?” accompanied by a Buy Now button.

How Hustle Can Help

It doesn’t cost much to knock together a simple interactive website like Dominos has done. So, let’s strategise about where your business opportunities intersect with a higher social purpose, communicate the output to the world and turn social good into more pizza sales.

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