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Havin’ a hustlin bustlin good time

Meet our team

We’re a dedicated team of designers, developers & marketers. We aren’t fancy nor dressed in suits. We’re just people that like to work with other people to create cool stuff.

creatives, nerds, mates and makers


Come take a seat… he won’t bite (or will he)

Anthony Simonetta

Chief Executive Officer

Tech nerd turned business bloke. Anthony started hacking code only to find that his obsession with tech was more about how he could use it to turn a buck for his clients. Started as a freelancer, now focused on bringing further growth to Hustle and its customers.

Bachelor of Information Technology (First Class Honours)

Master of Commerce (Strategy & Marketing)


The name’s Roy, Russle *oh wait*

Roy Caccamo

Chief Commercial Officer

As a seasoned digital dude, Roy has lived through and had success from the drama and dynamism of the Internet since the year Y2K didn’t destroy the world. His experience in the space is an unparalleled asset to our business and clients.


Green thumb, brown bum

James Simonetta

Creative Lead

Mathematician-type posing as a creative. James tends to the office plants with care. He also designs engaging digital experiences and tells stories for our clients that make you want to cry & buy.

Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics)

Master of Strategic Design


Just a girl who loves avocadoes

Holly Lawrence-Watt

Social Media Marketer & Digital Designer

Happy Holly loves to make our clients happy. You can usually find her behind a camera or computer screen creating super likeable content for all kinds of social media platforms. She might also be playing some bangin’ 80’s tunes while she’s at it.

Bachelor of Visual Communication


Mother of rats

Sophie Laurie

UI/UX Designer

Artist and rodent enthusiast, Sophie, brings her creative spirit and love into the office each day to nurture her user-centred designs. She aims to design intuitive products and services that make users feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Media)

UX Design Immersive, General Assembly



Wonderfully worldly wordsmith

Avonlea Cannone

Digital Marketer & Strategist

A seasoned traveller eager to embark on her client’s journey. When Avonlea’s not sculpting eloquent phrases, she enjoys formulating flavourful dishes and producing palatable experiences. She brings flavour and spice and aims to entice.

Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)


Very sunny, very seshy

Sasha Simon

Digital Designer (part-time)

Creative cutie, Sasha takes a break from hugging strangers each day when she joins us to create beautiful brands and killer content. Her design skills are matched only by her love for the world, people and experiences.

Bachelor of Visual Communication


Rituals for good times, hard work and innovative outcomes

Our Culture Bible

Some of the activities we do to maintain a fun, positive & productive internal culture.


Always looking for another Hustla

Look like fun?

Got something to bring to the table? Think you’ll fit in? Keen to take part in some creative and innovative work? Cool. Join us.

We’ve just filled 2 roles. But we’re always looking for another “one of us”. If you feel like that’s you, say g’day with an email and include a link to your portfolio and cv.

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Cheers… you legend!

Thanks for getting in touch…

you rock!

Our CMO Roy, or one of our team members, will be in touch within 24hrs.