The quest for authenticity

Gone are the days of cheesy smiles and posey stock imagery. It makes sense, a human audience want’s a human experience. If bonds are formed through our ability to empathise and connect, then logically we should tell the story behind the scenes, who we really are, what really matters to us if we are to engage with our audience on a deeper level.

Authenticity‘not false or imitation – real, actual’.

For some time now there has been a push towards authentic photography – but what actually is that? And how can you adopt it to more powerfully engage your audience?

According to photographer Nuno Silva, authentic photography refers to ‘capturing a genuine moment and not altering the moment too much after the fact…not a posed model and not post-processed into a hyper stylistic interpretation of reality’.

By incorporating authentic photography into your marketing strategy, you are bringing colour and character to your brand, providing a unique and one of a kind experience for your audience, encouraging them to connect with your business on a deeper, more emotional level.

How Hustle Can Help

Our team at Hustle understand the importance of branding and marketing your business in a way that provides a unique and engaging experience for your audience. Something we pride ourselves on is our investment in storytelling and the way this encourages audiences to engage on a deeper, more emotional level. We regularly visit our clients to create beautiful, current and authentic photography and videography to promote and brand their business. We would love to do the same for you.

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