Websites, huh, What are they good for? Your Business.

There’s websites, and then websites!

There is a lot of confusion out there about websites: their value, what they can do for a business, and mostly how much money your business should put aside to build one.

So lets start off by stating that when you are comparing website options that not all are equal, and it’s not a simple apples and apples comparison.

Should you just find the cheapest deal possible and go for it? Use the kid across the street that is into technology and tells you he can build you a website? do it yourself on one of those online website builder platforms? Or do you take a more sensible approach and pay a tech firm to build you one at a higher investment price?

Is a website valuable for business

If you are in business in 2018 and do not have a website, or have a website that is old, not mobile friendly, or that does not reflect your “bricks and mortar” business, then you have missed the boat and need to get onboard now or watch your business die a certain death.

Yes we live in a world with technology all around us and yet some people still need convincing, continuing to live in some sort of Nirvana or state of denial about their need to adapt.

That said, there is genuine confusion out there with various options, experts, and ads telling you what to do that it’s no wonder people just switch off or make the wrong decision.

For example you hear and see ads all the time with WAM BAM prices in the hundreds of dollars where so called pros ( usually Telcos or banks trying to diversify and leverage their customer contacts) offer new websites up in a day they claim, and that will set your business up for success.

Give me a break, seriously?

And then you have the template do it yourself style frameworks that allow you to do most of it for free, however anything a little custom will cost you plenty more not to mention the slow loading times and a total lack of any authenticity towards your business.

A typical story

I had an old acquaintance call me last week needing some help and advice for her website, that she paid some friend of a friend to build for her. She told me that this person was actually Googling how to build a website while she sat with her, and the result is really bad.

I actually risked offending her but had to be honest and told her to take it down as it was causing her brand and reputation a great deal of damage.

What is the difference and why the big variance in price?

So why is it that you can get yourself a website for very little investment when tech firms are quoting several thousands of dollars?

The answer is very simple, TIME and expertise.

Building a website for your business requires some planning, expertise, and a number of elements that need to come together, and this takes time to do properly including some of the following;

  • The need for a comprehensive understanding about your business, your customers, and what phycology you need to use in what you say, how you say it, and how to illustrate your message best.
  • A truly well thought out custom design that that is a true representation of your business.
  • Your own authentic images, and perhaps some video that helps tell your story even faster and more accurately.
  • Page craft and SEO ( search engine optimisations) with the right keywords used to get your business ATTENTION.
  • A fast and secure website (people don’t have time to waste and will leave after a few seconds if your website doesn’t load)
  • Making sure that your website is optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

You get what you pay for and then some

The results for building a website with a professional and planned mindset and approach as opposed to a cheap option are quite simply night and day, or complete opposites.

Your investment that doesn’t always need to be too big, will actually pay for itself over and over, and become one of the best investments you will ever make for your business when you consider that;

  • Your potential customers will be able to find you.
  • When they do, they will be engaged due to the design, language used, and storytelling applied.
  • They will be influenced to call you up, take up your offer.
  • Become a customer and then share your business with others.
  • You will stop loosing business to your competitors.

And still people don’t understand just how powerful getting it right will be for their business.

The upside here is that while the majority of business owners get it so wrong, you can capitalise for getting it right.

So take my advice and go talk to a professional web developer and invest in your business’s future now.

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