The Secret Sauce to Engaging Websites

The wide world of web is looking pretty crowded these days.

Overwhelmed by a plethora of websites and apps that smile at you with stock imagery aimed at hiding a lack of any real value proposition, it’s a real delight when you find a website that cuts through theĀ šŸ’©Ā and makes you goĀ “ooooh yea”, “mmmmhmmmm”, “yes plz” or “i’ll have what she’s having”.

So what’s the secret to an engaging website today?

For ease of explanation – let’s use an example of a website I came across recently that made me make all of the above noises: Tillamook’s Cheese Sauce.

  1. Simplicity. Tillamook sells cheese sauce. It’s as simple as that – and the website should reflect this simplicity. Tillamook has achieved this with super simple contentĀ  – a flyover video that shows how easy it is to prepare a meal using their cheese sauce accompanied by 6 short captions.
  2. Interactive. It’s all well and good to have a beautiful website that’s nice to look at, which gives the user a warm & fuzzy feeling. However, the new generation of engaging websites is taking the next step – allowing the user to interact with the content. Tillamook’s website achieves this by allowing the user to control the video content by scrolling the mouse.
  3. Purpose. As I eluded to above, digital waste is building. Seemingly every day another website or app is launched onto the market without genuine purpose… Please, if you take anything from this article, make it this: clearly define your value proposition before launching a new digital product. In Tullamook’s case, the value proposition is clear (tasty cheese), it’s supported by the content and fulfilled by the call to action – a pervasive yellow button that reads clearly “Buy”.

How Hustle Can Help

It’s exactly this problem that we hope to solve here at Hustle. It’s our mission to take out the digital trash and to replace it with beautiful and engaging digital products that deliver and capture value for users and business owners respectively. It’s all in our very own special sauce, which brings together Strategy, Design, Development, Content Creation and Marketing to deliver new-age products that stand out in the overcrowded digital space… so quit playin’ and get in touch with us so we can create something cool together.

Website Inspiration

Here are some websites I’m vibing ATM – enjoy!

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