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What’s the difference? Why is one better than the other for certain cases? Should you go for a web application design or mobile app design? The answer is that it depends heavily on the types of work users of your app will be doing. Here, I present the use case of our client, Property Development Workshops from Bondi Junction and the web application design that we’re creating for them.

Who is Property Development Workshops?

PDW provides a unique property development workshop service that helps first-time, new and even more seasoned property developers learn from Jim Castagnet who’s had years of experience in the property development business. There’s an interesting parallel between PDW and our business model, as we both offer workshops to clients as an introductory method of starting on big projects. Hustle has been working with PDW for over a year now on a huge web application design.

What are we designing?

Jim & Stephan from PDW began looking for an app designer & developer when they decided that they wanted to bring the Intellectual Property they use in their workshops to a broader audience through the web. The project we’ve embarked on will provide this value proposition and more to an international audience. However, it will not be in the format that was thought of at the start of the project as we’re not starting the development as a mobile app for iPhone or Android… Instead it will be a responsive web application design.

Why not an app?

At Hustle, we hear pitches every day from people that want to start something new and often, due to market forces, they begin with, “I need an app that does X, Y or Z”. Often, an app is not the best way to start. There are many reasons why one approach is better than the other, however, the reasons are never based on opinion as the reasons need to be guided by the requirements of the project.

Without giving away the details of Jim & Stephan’s new platform before its launched, their web application design requires a fair bit of data entry from the user. This is probably the biggest reason why an app is not the best place to start for this project. Apps are great for lots of tasks, but one thing that’s universally hated on mobile devices is data entry. Data entry is faster and more natural while at a keyboard.

A web application design was the obvious choice here. Jim & Stephan’s web-app will also gain the following benefits that are ideal for launching a new online business:

  1. Responsive web-apps can be viewed on any device with a web browser and will especially look great on mobile phones.
  2. Web application designs are indexed by Google, meaning that it can quickly start to appear in Google searches.
  3. Technical skills in the web application design space are less expensive than app development. Jim & Stephan’s minimum viable product will be cheaper with this approach.

Project Update

Jim & Stephan’s project is seriously exciting for all of you property buffs out there. Imagine a service that gives you definitive answers on whether a property development is going to be profitable that you can access from anywhere and easily share with investors, banks and other stakeholders. It’s a true business tool, with a very unique value proposition.

Stay tuned as we launch it towards the end of the year.

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